Alaska is an amazing destination for all kinds of wildlife spotting, including whales. When you experience Alaska by water, you can spot humpback and killer whales in the chilly water. On land, look out for brown bears hunting for fish along the shore. And don’t forget to look up, where you may even see bald eagles – talk about an All-American adventure!

How to Do It:

There are many cruise options through Alaska, but if you really want to get off the boat and explore Alaska, we recommend Lindblad. Their Wild Alaska itinerary is only 6 days (no need to take weeks off of work!), and you get to kayak, hike, paddle board, and more in addition to spotting wildlife! Even better, you will travel with a knowledgeable, world-class expedition and photography team that allows access to both above and below the waves.

A humpback whale in Baja California



Located on the west coast of Mexico, the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California) is a primo whale-watching spot. Humpback, killer, fin, and sperm whales are just a few of the varieties that frequent the area. Plus, there are dolphins, manta rays, and other marine life that you can look for while you’re there.

How to Do It:

Lindblad’s Whales & Wildness expedition. During this 8-day adventure you can snorkel with sea lions, explore beautiful private islands, kayak through the sea, and of course, spot whales! For a shorter trip, the Where the Whales Are itinerary is 6-days and 5-nights.



The San Juan Islands aren’t just naturally beautiful – they are one of the best spots to see whales. Killer whales live in this area year-round, but you can also see humpbacks and minke whales. There are also sea lions, seals, and river otters that you can view while kayaking or hiking.

How to Do It:

For a mix of culture and wildlife, Lindblad’s British Columbia & the San Juans itinerary is the way to do it. Spend 8 days learning from top expedition leaders about everything from the resident killer whale pods to the histories of the First Nations people.

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