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11th August, 2020 by Alice Liang

EMW Fine Wines, one of the leading wine importers and distributors in the Greater China, is debuting a brand new sake portfolio this September.

Beginning from September 2020, EMW Fine Wines will add a full range of premium sake to its portfolio of wines and spirits.

The company states that the decision was made after a year of extensive research and many discussions with top producers across Japan. The company will distribute sakes across the China, Hong Kong and Macau markets via its extensive distribution network.

“We see Sake as a natural extension to our existing product line”, said Edouard Duval, ceo of EMW.

He added: “Over the past 16 years, EMW has built our distribution business by partnering with family owned, premium wine estates. The sake producers we seek also share a similar profile.

“They are likely multi-generational family businesses who not only want to sell their sake in China but also want to build their brand with a long-term perspective. EMW is one of a relatively unique group of importers that are committed to building long-term brand value for the producer.”

The company sees a bright future for sake in China. According to a 2019 Trade Statistics of Japan Report published by the Japanese Ministry of Finance, today Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau) is the biggest consumer market of sake after Japan.

The company also draws several parallels between sake production to that of wine.

“Jisake – this simple Japanese word shows that Japanese think highly of regional characteristics, local culture, craftsmanship and dining habits when it comes to enjoying sake which in many ways is similar to wine,” says Knight Hu, sake brand manager of the company. “Sake is the expression of the unique Japanese craftsman’s spirit which has been passed on from generation to generation.”

On the other side, Chinese has a history of dining and drinking culture deep rooted-in rice, which helps them to understand and appreciate sake better.

The company is going to distribute six sake brands in China, namely Sakura Masamune, Daimon, Gekkeikan, Yonetsuru, Takashimizu and Mutsu-Hassen; whereas in Hong Kong, they will only manage Sakura Masamune and Takashimizu; Macau shares the same portfolio as Hong Kong’s together with Mutsu-Hassen.

EMW’s existing portfolio includes wines and spirits from 16 countries and it distributes to over 160 cities in China.

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