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Portland’s Top 9 Winter Drinks

Warm your belly with the city’s best seasonal concoctions.

By Tuck Woodstock Updated Aug. 5, 2020 3 min read

Nothing tastes better on a dark and stormy evening than decadent hot chocolate or cozy rum cocktails. Raise a toast to winter with these top-notch seasonal drinks found at watering holes throughout Portland.


Celebrated Russian restaurant Kachka is also best known for its infused vodka flights paired with traditional zakuski (drinking snacks). When winter chills creep in, however, Kachka fans should turn to the Apricot Mafia, a potent winter cocktail composed of toasted coriander-infused bourbon, fruity apricot liquor and orange cream citrate. This combination of winter citrus, sweet apricot and warm spices is sure to heat your insides on even the coldest Portland night.

Teardrop Lounge

At any time of year, the cocktail wizards at Portland’s acclaimed Teardrop Lounge know exactly which spirits and flavors to complement the season. Turn straight to the “Deep & Dark” page of their drinks menu and you’ll discover an impressive roster of winter-proof beverages, such as the Alpine Drive, described as “a leisurely stroll through changing colors.” This sweet ode to wintertime is made using calvados, an apple brandy from French Normandy, mixed with herbal Becherovka, Carpano Antica (a sweet and slightly bitter Italian Vermouth) and maple bitters.


Discerning chocolate shop Cacao offers its own spin on the classic Italian affogato: Chocolatiers pour churned drinking chocolate over Salt & Straw’s savory Arbequina Olive Oil ice cream, creating a rich, cocoa-heavy cup of heaven.

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Portland’s Hopworks is beloved for its light golden lager and summery kolsch, but its winter beers are well worth warming to. The Abominable Winter Ale, which is only available in the wintertime, promises a spicy, citrusy medley of organic Northwest hops and a slightly sweet malt finish. (And in true Portland fashion, we recommend upcycling the festive-looking 16-ounce can into a Christmas tree ornament.)

Tabor Tavern

Cocktails at neighborhood restaurant Tabor Tavern burst with comforting winter flavors. For the ultimate seasonal beverage, turn to the Lord Bergamont, a cozy combination of Earl Grey vodka, honey syrup, half and half, a spicy Allspice dram and nutmeg.

Hale Pele

Bid aloha to the winter blues at atmospheric tiki bar Hale Pele, which offers an array of tropical rum delights. Gather your friends around the Volcano Bowl, a potent communal drink made with rum, citrus, pineapple and a secret blend of tropical spices, served in a goblet and topped with both cinnamon and towering flames.

Produce Row

A deep roster of hot toddies and warm winter cocktails await at laidback Central Eastside gastropub Produce Row. Banish winter chills with their Bengal Toddy, made using Scotch whisky, ginger-Darjeeling syrup, tangerine and Angostura bitters.

Portland winters are usually mild, but the city offers all sorts of welcoming places to warm up. Relax next to one of our favorite fireplaces in Portland.READ MORE

Raven and Rose

The best pick-me-up on a rainy afternoon? We’d argue for a classic Irish coffee at downtown’s Raven & Rose. Head upstairs to the Rookery Bar, the carriage house’s hidden drinking hole, for a creamy, caffeinated cocktail made with good Irish whiskey, brown sugar, espresso and whipped cream.

Huber’s Café

Established in 1879,Huber’s Café has been pleasing patrons with its signature drink for more than a century. Kahlua, Bacardi 151, Bols triple sec and coffee are mixed, flamed tableside with great flair and topped with fresh whipped cream and nutmeg.

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